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City Of Heroes is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG). While almost all MMORPGs are about heroes of one kind or another, this is the only one dealing with the kind most commonly found in comic books, super heroes.

If you enjoy reading comics, you can easily create your own in this game. Just be sure you don't re-create any heroes already existing in comics. NCsoft and Cryptic are serious about protecting Intellectual Property rights, and will not allow the use of trademarked characters.

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On these pages you will find a bit about the various characters I have created in the game. They range in level from 1, still in Outbreak, to 50 with my main, Justice Blues. I am a bit of an altoholic, so it will take time to get every character up. Especially with the new possibilities available on the evil side with City of Villains.

Some of the characters here have more detailed information than others, simply because I have played them more. Most of the servers will only have lists of the alts, with basic information on their ATs and powersets. With luck and time, more information will be added to all the characters. For now, the few villains I have going will be marked with a villain symbol villain symbol image. I will give them their own section when there are enough to make it worth the effort.

I have tried to design the site so that it looks good in a standards compliant browser like Firefox. Unfortunately that means it does not work as well in Internet Explorer and my CSS skills are not yet up to the necessary hacks to get around the problems.

This part of my site is not very accessible to people with vision problems. This is primarily because of the visual nature of the content. COH is very graphics intensive and large amounts of the information here are screenshots from the game.

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